Purpose Higher Education of Children in India and Abroad
Eligibility Salaried Employees / Businessmen/Professionals and Individuals with proven source of Income
Loan Limit Within India – Upto Rs.25 Lakhs
Abroad - Upto Rs.50 Lakhs
Repayment Period Repayable in 120 Months EMI
Rate of Interest
A) Upto Rs.25 Lakhs 9.0%
B) Upto Rs.50 Lakhs 9.50%
Share Holding 2.5% of the Loan amount as per RBI notification
Security Mortgage of the Property by way of Registered Memorandum of Deposit of Title deeds
Documentation Prescribed Application Form with Attested Copies of Photo ID – Voter ID/DrivLicense/Passport/Aadhar PAN Card
Income Proof - Salaried
Certified Salary Certificate/Payslips- 3 months Form 16A issued by employer, Copy of Passbook 3 years IT Returns
3 years IT Returns, with Tax paid challan Professionals/ Bank pass book/statement
Self employed
1. Consent declaration from family members wherever applicable.
2. Income proof as above of family members wherever applicable.
Purpose Proof Purpose Proof Study Certificate from the Institution/ Admission allotment letter issued by the Authority/Fee’s structure demand letter from Institution.